The Financing of Social Commitments

Optimise the financing of social liabilities
The law, collective agreements and company agreements guarantee employees payment of an end-of-career allowance. These commitments constitute an important element of the company’s social liabilities in respect of its employees.
Through gradual financing, the company can protect itself against treasury fluctuations while benefiting from privileged financial arrangements.

We cover

– a specialist in the management of end-of-career compensation for more than fifteen years – provides successful life insurance solutions for financing the company’s pension-related social liabilities effectively and profitably.  These solutions enable the company to spread the costs over time and benefit from very attractive tax breaks.

We provide

The assistance of a dedicated team
A dedicated team comprising legal, fiscal, financial and actuarial experts, we provide the following:
– Precise evaluation of the company’s commitments, in accordance with various parameters  based on  the use of American or International  standards (FAS 87 or IAS 19) or regulations established following the orders of the accounting experts;
– Development of a made-to-measure financial plan;
– Regular updates of this financial plan in order to adapt it to the developing scope of the company throughout the course of time.Financial Expertise
– Enabling you to benefit from high-return financial solutions based on the development of asset allocation and d’adossement actif passif strategies appropriate to the social commitments of the company.On-going transparency
– A continuous flow of information and Internet access that enables the company to consult the progress of the financial plan at any given moment.

Our priorities

– A personalised consultation service provided by a team of professionals, including chargés d’affaires, actuaries,  lawyers and financiers combining their experience and their know-how, gained within Cardif Enterprises, to provide you with real decision-making advice;
– Close at hand: your own contact ensures communication with internal teams to respond to your requirements and requests in real time;
– Capacity to react: our on-going analysis enables you to benefit from the latest opportunities and innovations.